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The merle gene is an incomplete dominate and about 1/3 to half of the puppies are born with the Merle coat pattern.     

                         UPDATED 02/03/19


                  Pic of Zenaise compliments of her new owner Janine Williams


Greyston-Handsome Merle male  AVAILABLE!!

         He is the son of Graydon    

ou can see some of the Merle Puppies below  that Merlebullz has produced!
             Paree'- Went to FL

             Paislee-Went to TX

             Mai- Went to NV
      Snickers, Tymber and Paris Staying here

               Teleford- Tymber's Son           
               Graydon-Staying here

      Grayson-Merle and tan boy@ 7 wks went IA

         Maxi-Blue merle and tan girl @ 7 wks went to OK

          Belle at 12 wks-Blue merle girl stayed in CA

    Vivienne- beautiful merle girl born 12-31-16

    Cash-Gorgeous blue fawn merle male! Staying here!                   

        Mom-Vanity-Gorgeous dilute merle girl

                            Venus @ 8 wks     Went to TX

 MerleBullz Vanity-Gorgeous BLUE merle girl 4 wks

     Blue Chip-@ 5 wks went to San Diego CA


         ZuZu- Cute merle pied girl~ staying here

      Domino-Striking merle boy~Staying here!

     Chocolate Parfait-
Went to Canada

         Merle Bullz Spotti Dotti went to KS

Marlee-Darling Merle girl pic at 6 wks went to Fairfield


Paisley - went to West VA    pic at 6 mos


     Dakota-Merle male with awesome pattern!


               MerleBullz Destiny went to PA


               Cruz- Merle boy- Went to MO


Merle adults have been BAER Tested "hearing normal"

 All my Merle Puppies will be BAER hearing tested by  my Vet before they go to their new homes..